TokenSky Korea and Token2049 HongKong

//TokenSky Korea and Token2049 HongKong

TokenSky Korea and Token2049 HongKong

CoinRunners.VIP is going to be very busy for the upcoming few days, here are some of the events that are on our calender that we will be covering:

Today and tomorrow 14/15 March, we will be at the Tokensky 2018 Blockchain Conference in Korea (

some of the speakers there are good friends of ours and we look forward to hear from them again 🙂

and then on 20/21 March we will be present at the Token2049 event in Hong Kong (

Just glancing over the speakers list we can see a few very key figures from the Crypto industry like Da HongFei (NEO) and ofcourse one of our favorites Sophia (AGI).

We will be conducting an extensive coverage through our media platform Bitgosu from both events! Hope we can get them in front of our camera and ask some interesting questions, check on the progress of some of the projects we are heavily invested in like SingularityNET. And I am sure it will be also a great event to expand our network and be introduced to some cool new projects! Hope you guys will be watching and enjoy the updates that come along with it in the upcoming week.


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