PEP Network ICO review

//PEP Network ICO review

PEP Network ICO review

PEP Network ICO Review

by CoinRunners.VIP


Mobigraph, a Silicon Valley company, has introduced PEP (Personalized Expressive Platform) Network, the first blockchain render protocol which can create content that is completely personalized, expressive, and designed for optimal performances on any mobile device.

The company pushes the industry forward to a new form of expressive content like developing Animojis, Live stickers and Camera AR lens which all have real time personalisation possibilities by user such as but not limited to character, accessories, text (in any language), themes and audio.

PEP network creates an ecosystem which brings Creators, Consumers, Developers and Render Farmers together. Through the new blockchain based distributed protocol, PEP network is expected to revolutionize Personalized Content Economy.

The goal of the company is to make PEP Token as the means of payment for any personalized and expressive content.

  • Website:
  • Token symbol: PEP
  • Token type: ERC20 (Ethereum platform)
  • Token price:           1 PEP Token = 0.1 USD
  • Non-tech white paper:
  • Whitepaper:
  • Hard cap: $30 million
  • Total possible tokens: 600,000,000
  • Token distribution:
    • Community reserved: 50%
    • Pre-sale: 30 May to 6 June 2018
    • Public sale: 20 June to 20 July 2018

Token distribution

  • 50% Pre & Public Sales
  • 15% Platform Rewards & Incentives
  • 15% Team (40% R&D, Achieving Roadmap milestones , 30% Marketing & PR, 18% Operational Expenses, 5% Legal, Tex & misc, 7% Reserves for Future use)
  • 6% ICO Expenses
  • 5% Bonuses
  • 5% Reserved
  • 4% Future Stakeholders and Advisors

Token distribution timeline

PEP tokens will be distributed 14 days after Public Sale ends (20 June to 20 July 2018), provided that this term may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances.

Bonus tokens are vested for 5 months.


Executed Plans

  • July 2015- Mobigraph Inc has been founded.
  • June 2016– QUGO, a free smartphone messaging app, has been launched.
  • January 2017– Xpresso, a 3D avatar GIF sticker has been launched.
  • June 2017– Chrome Plugins and Telegram Bot are created.
  • November 2017– 1 AR Partner signed and established 400k Users.

Present Plans

    • May 2018– ICO Token Presale has started.
    • June 2018- ICO Token Sale ends, Wall Integration Xpresso will begin and API distribution to developers that has 500k users expected result.


  • September 2018- 1 keyboard partner, content studio will be created that has 2M users expected result.


Future Plans

  • January 2019– The creation of 2 Messaging, Keyboard Apps, Bot-Studio with 16M users.
  • June 2019– The execution of Render Farming, Ad-Studio with 25M users.
  • September 2019– The creation of Photo Avatar with 50M users.
  • January 2020– Content Resell, creation of Render Farming Mobile with 100M users.

The company’s goal after 2020 is to have a BILLION USERS!

Product stage

Products of Mobigraph are existing on the market  with an active and loyal customer base. Their existing apps like QUGO and XPRESSO have 650,000 + users and with 100,000 Monthly Active Users, 13% of users are already spending their PEP Network points to buy content and services.Their users spend 2,000,000 + minutes in a month with more than 12,000,000 GIF Impressions.

Token usage

The PEP token may be used once all purchased PEP tokens will be distributed to purchasers. Moreover, holders of PEP tokens are free to sell their tokens to users who need those for customizable animation download from the company’s Apps. Mobigraph’s Xpresso app would be the first service to join the ecosystem.

Xpresso users would be able to spend PEP tokens to download customizable content and can earn PEP tokens by watching Ads inside Xpresso. Also, an API will be made public and developers will be able to use it by subscription for App integration


The founders have previously worked with Samsung, they are previously head of graphics, chief of engineer and senior chief architect in Samsung. These experiences show how their background strongly related to the creation of PEP Network. Moreover, some of the members are graphic experts specialized with designing for mobile and handheld devices, who have worked on Samsung Galaxy Flagship Models and creative team is lead by one of India’s top 50 artists

One of the members of the advisory board previously worked in Google and others are experts on ICO, Blockchain and Technology.

The good reputation of the team has been published when Mobigraph Inc has been launched and created MVP, Xpresso, Lenses, Telegram Bot, and QUGO.


  • With the innovation of Animoji (Apple) and AR Emoji (Samsung), implies that two technological giants are working on the same technology as PEP network, that gives us the idea that this project is going to be huge.
  • People, nowadays, are communicating using emojis on different platforms or social media through mobile phones everyday and people are sending out emojis, stickers, GIFs, millions of them everyday.
  • The designs of the project is very entertaining and detailed. The content of the whitepaper and the updated documentations can be seen on their blog are on a good level.
  • PEP network is being created at the perfect timing as personalized emoticons right now are hot in the market as Apple and Samsung have started the trend. Personalization in Messaging, AR/VR, Advertising, Bots & Merchandise can bring greater connect with the user.
  • The team has been part of Samsung’s Software development team for a long time which might entail promising progress of the project in the future.
  • The team has made a very big partnership with one of the world’s biggest tech giants which should ensure them a very broad adoption in India. The details of the partnership is still confidential, but Coinrunners staff has been presented with documentation.


  • Technology is very dynamic. Thus, there are going to be changes in technology in the future and the risk of adaptation could be an issue.
  • The model that company developed and described in this whitepaper, could not achieve the desired functionality, be inoperative, or work in a different way from what developers designed it for and development might take longer than the planned timeline of the company.
  • It is not certain that PEP Network will be available on different kinds of platforms of social media and the number of users are not certain.


PEP Network is a solid project led by an experienced team of experts from Silicon Valley. They’re working on a popular technology that technological giants Apple and Samsung have started promoting in the market. This project is going to be huge as this is going to be the first blockchain render protocol for personalizable content marketplace.

The company has a very good reputation and has existing products such as Xpresso, Lenses, a Telegram Bot, and QUGO. They clearly have a very good reputation on developing technology.

Since they have been working at Samsung for so many years, they must have built up a good network as well, which can lead to very promising partnerships.

Most importantly, the team has been successful in securing partnerships with big players in the mobile app industry, they have interest from a range of even bigger companies, and most importantly they just secured a key partnership with one of the world’s biggest tech giants. The details of this partnership is not yet announced.

Flipping potential

For flipping, we’re not very bullish, the tokens will be available but the bonus is vested for 5 months.

Long term potential

The potential is very big as their technology is very unique and market leading in their expertise. They have worked for Samsung in lead positions so they are very aware of the possibilities of this market and what their own abilities are. We believe that this market will become very profitable as the production costs are low, but demand keeps growing on a daily basis. With key partnerships PEP is ideally positioned to take a big part of the emoji market in the coming years.

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