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//Ouna ICO Review

Ouna ICO Review

Ouna ICO Review

by CoinRunners.VIP


OUNA will be the first-of-its-kind blockchain-based, peer-to-peer HR assessment and recruitment ecosystem. The core of the OUNA platform is based on a novel algorithm, referenced as the “Analyzer”. The Analyzer is an online Pyramidal Assessment tool that is based on 15 years of research and tested in more than 100 real-life case studies. During this assessment period, the Analyzer consistently generated candidate profiles for recruitment which resulted in an average success rate of 86% in compatibility between employers and their employees, validating the algorithm’s ability to accurately match employees’ skills with employers’ requirements.

OUNA aims to resolve two major problems in recruitment; to reduce the cost of acquiring team members and to increase the success rate of recruitment process in terms of retention, higher engagement and stronger culture.

  • Website: https://ouna.io
  • Token symbol: OUNA
  • Token type: ERC20 (Ethereum platform)
  • Pitch deck: https://ouna.io/doc/ouna_pitch_deck_en.pdf
  • Whitepaper: https://ouna.io/doc/whitepaper_en.pdf
  • Hard cap: 37,500 ETH
  • Token price: 1 OUNA = 0.06 miliETH
  • Total possible tokens: 2,000,000,000
  • Token distribution:
    • Community reserved: 60%
    • Pre-sale: 1 JUN 2018 – 30 JUN 2018
    • Public sale: 1 JUL 2018 – 31 JUL 2018

Token distribution

  • 60%- Public Sale
  • 10%- Founders
  • 10%- Research
  • 8%- Team and Advisors
  • 5%- Core reserve
  • 2%- User Acquisition
  • 2%- Wings
  • 1%- DCORP

Token distribution timeline

After public sale is finalized (1 JUL 2018 – 31 JUL 2018).

Use of Funds

The proceeds that the company receives for Tokens sold to purchasers during the Sale period will be used to cover the following:

  • 2% of the proceeds will be used to cover legal costs.
  • 3% of the proceeds will be used to cover Security costs.
  • 25% of the proceeds will be used to cover Marketing costs.
  • 25% of the proceeds will be used to cover Operations costs.
  • 45% of the proceeds will be used to cover Research and Development costs.


OUNA started as Tema company that is founded by Mr. Reuven Wiener in 1994. With the help of his team, they established the “Pyramid Motivations Methodology” in 1997-2012.

  • 2013-2017- “Analyzer”, a web application has been created through the Pyramidal Motivations Methodology model for corporate accounts and raised $1 million investment.
  • May 2017- Another $300k investment has been raised for further project development when “Analyzer” became “OUNA”
  • January 2018- Website, white paper and private sale have started  as a preparation for ICO.
  • 1 June 2018- Pre-sale starts. The platform will be immediately available for those who purchased OUNA tokens.
  • 1 July 2018- Public sale starts
  • 31 July 2018-  Ongoing development of OUNA.

The first half of 2018 is focused on token selling at the same time on the improvement of CV web application, its front and back end in which bitcoin, tokens, ethereum will be in the application available to purchase. The company also desires to expand their dashboard, improves their complaint management system and fraud management system. They also aim to remove centralized server and database. Implements soft marketing product test in two countries and create B2B with recruiters in only one country.

The second half of 2018, the company is expected to rewrite the entire PCP assessment to make it more flexible for future development and large volume of usage.The company also aims to create a top secured chat for requesters and potential employees with total anonymity but with personal interaction, it’s like a secret chat in telegram with video call option. The company aims to build “fishing” or “shopping” mechanisms in database according to an anonymous profile and develop an in-app sub application to create a perfect profile like an aggregation of top 10 of a kind profiles.

First half of 2019, the company aims to build a BI machine learning system, collection, analysis, prediction to improve OUNA matching and results. Also the company wants to establish academy and training facilities in 4-6 central locations around the world and seeks for marketing and local offices that will support the academy and training facilities.

Second half of 2019, the company is expected to implement top three technologies that will be announced later into their system. They aim to connect with at least five major HR companies through the system to the Blockchain. And of course to expand their marketing and B2B to ten countries. They also would like to enter new industries besides Human Resources.

Product stage

The team has been started developing OUNA since 1994 as Tema Company founded by Mr. Reuven Wiener in which Pyramid Motivations Methodology and Analyzer are developed and became OUNA in 2017.

Current status of the product: It has Ready to use v1.0 Person Culture Position (PCP) assessment and has ready to use Pyramidal results as well. It has New User Interface (UI) for the PCP assessment, the scoring system is in numbers only that shows personal profile and there’s a live chat available in OUNA support.

Token usage

OUNA users can use their tokens to access PCP assessments and the future assessment programs to be developed.

By using OUNA tokens, users can access on these premium services:

Alert-bot, keeps premium users continuously up-to-date by using an active method of applying to top matching companies and offering the premium profiles to these companies for recruitment.

Geo Re-location is when a premium user of OUNA decides that he wants to look for a certain job that isn’t available locally, he can “relocate” his profile to a different geolocation, and request to receive job-offers in the new location.

Star of the day, this enables premium users to get additional exposure to potential employers. Premium users will appear in matching lists even if their matching scores are not necessarily the highest, as long as their profiles are close enough to the profile required by a hiring company.

OUNA token can be used through verification and reputation. A Ouna user can claim reputation by the following; verifying profile claims by other OUNA users, successfully reporting or complaining against scammers, and having oneself audited for performance and conduct. Moreover, Reputation System (Using Token Reward) in which user can ask to be reviewed by his peers on the platform as a professional. Therefore, OUNA is looking to build a reputation system for its users by using tokens whilst earning a “reputation” from its peers.

An OUNA user can claim verification through: Crowd Sourcing Verification of User Claims (Using Token Staking)- just like in this case, a professional can put forward his profile for everyone to see, and allow users to verify information that is listed in his profile. Peers who endorse a profile will earn a reward in the form of tokens.

Another verification way is through Crowdsourcing Complaints (Using Token Staking) the OUNA platform will ensure that participants are authentic, and thus fake profiles or scammers will be weeded out.

A user can earn OUANA Token by uploading and verifying Cvs and profiles (Using Token Rewards).



Mayer Hefetz Founder & CEO

Mr. Hefetz brings vast experience from the Capital Market, and has over ten years’ experience in the Fintech and Cryptocurrency sector. In 2004, Mr. Hefetz founded one of the largest regulated Fintech companies in Australia. He has established a global network of clients and successful partnerships in Australia and South East Asia.

Amedeo Moscato Founder & CMO

A veteran online marketer and a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of “Behind the Block,“ a digital marketing company specializing in the creation and marketing of blockchain products. He is also the owner of Soho Media, an established digital marketing agency.

Jonathan Lampert Founder & CIO

Entrepreneur. Feels most comfortable where technology can serve people without compromising the organic human nature, bringing professional experience and the ability to identify ever-changing markets. Has a strong technical background and experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Reuven Wiener Head of HR &

Mr. Wiener has vast experience in the HR Business Development field, managing one of the biggest Staffing Agencies in Israel and abroad. Moreover he is an excited entrepreneur and innovator in the HR industry


Amir Student

Partner at Alchemist, CO-Founder Team.Do

Jeff Pulver

Vice Chairman Alchemist, Founder MoNage, First Investor of Twitter

Kunal Kerai

Linkedin TopVoice & HR Strategist at Visa

Marc Kenigsberg

Founder at BlockSmarter, Creator of BitcoinChaser

Frank Bonnet

Founder DCORP.it Technical Advisor Gladius

Prof. Steve Ohana

Professor of Finance at ESCP Europe



  • Existing company that has been established since 1994, and have proven themselves standardizing human resources methods that are currently been used around the world for now
  • Very strong advising team with Alchemist pushing their product as well as high ranked people at LinkedIN and Visa
  • We are receiving a very generous pre-sale deal with very nice bonus terms which makes it very safe for us to say that the ICO investment is on the lower side of risky.


  • Since OUNA will be one of the early movers in HR Recruitment, acceptance of the consumers both employers and candidates, is crucial as the efficiency and the effectivity of the platform have to be  strengthened by increasing their database because as of now, their development efforts have been proven right in more than 100 test cases only.
  • Crashing the traditional system is going to be challenging as middlemen such as recruitment companies, job seeker sites, and recruitment agencies will fight against it. However, OUNA suggests to create a partnership with these middlemen in order to create an OUNA ecosystem and to prevent justling with these middlemen.
  • Rapid changes in technology will affect OUNA. This will be a great challenge to the company to remain on the top and to stay updated all the time. Thus, continued and increased investment are necessary for team and software development.



In conclusion, this is quite a good mix between good flipping terms and long term potential. They have a very strong team in their speciality, and have already an existing product and a pioneer on this market. Meanwhile they are being backed and advised by really top tiered people in the cryptospace, such as Alchemist and LinkedIN which makes them only more likely to be succeeding.

Flipping potential

For flipping, we’re very bullish, the bonus has no vesting terms for this ICO. This is very good for flippers, and it should give a short term profit if that is your goal.

Long term potential

The potential is definitely big, as they have already shown to be able to set real standards in their sector. So as having first mover advantage as well as an established long term experience in this market they should be capable of developing huge things.

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