Opiria ICO Review

//Opiria ICO Review

Opiria ICO Review

Opiria ICO Review

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Opiria & PDATA is a global decentralized marketplace for the secure and transparent buying and selling of personal data, made in Germany.

Opiria is developing a platform where users can sell their personal data to corporations in exchange for the company’s internal cryptocurrency, the PDATA Token. The company has the ambitious goal of disrupting the existing consumer data industry, helping companies gain more useful information and consumers protect their privacy.

Opiria is already a successful company, paying its current users with fiat currency, and boasts several prominent customers.

Token distribution

1 PDATA = 0.1000 USD

  • Issued: 60% of the coins will be issued for the TGE
  • Development Fund: 13% will be used for data purchase and community development
  • Company/Team: 20%
  • Advisors: 5%
  • Bounty: 2%

How will the team’s 20% be used?

  • 25% of them will be available in the same time as for the public, roughly 1 month after the TGE.
  • 25% of them will be locked for 6 months
  • 25% of them will be locked for 12 months
  • 25% of them will be locked for 24 months

Token distribution timeline

Public Sale (TGE): from April 21th 2018, 10 am GMT to May 21st 2018, 10 am GMT

2-4 WEEKS after public sale Tokens will be available



  • Generation Event: Jul. 2015 Founded Opiria company
  • Dec. 2016 Launch of Opiria platform
  • Sep. 2017 Localization of Opiria platform for China
  • Dec. 2017: Sales partners in 4 markets, 50 customers using the Opiria platform
  • Apr. 2018 PDATA Token Generation Event
  • Sep. 2018 Opiria 2.0 including eye-tracking, emotion detection and web-surveys modules
  • Dec. 2018 Extended consumer profile module
  • Feb. 2019 Web browsing behavior and online purchases module
  • May 2019 Social media module
  • Sep. 2019 Smartphone/mobile device usage module
  • Dec. 2019 Wearables and smart devices module
  • Mar. 2020 PC/laptop usage module
  • Aug. 2018 Development of peer to peer data trading mechanism
  • Nov. 2018 Integration of blockchain in the Opiria-Platform
  • Dec. 2018 MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development of the blockchain based platform
  • Jan. 2019 Internal platform testing
  • Mar. 2019 Launch of the blockchain based platform

Product stage

  • has a working product since December 2016: www.opiria.com
  • 4k+ active users providing personal data and opinions
  • has many existing Fortune 500 customers: BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, GM, Nissan, P&G, Intel, Freightliner

Token usage

PDATA Token provides utility for both the companies and the consumers. Companies need PDATA tokens in order to purchase personal data from consumers respectively to send them surveys. Consumers earn PDATA tokens by selling their personal data and by participating in surveys. Owning PDATA Tokens increases the likelihood for a consumer to receive a “personal data request” from a company earlier than other consumers that own less PDATA Tokens. This gives consumers with more PDATA Tokens on average a small time advantage to sell their data to companies.


  • Dr. Christian Lange (CEO): proven track record in entrepreneurship and successful exit in 2015
  • Marlene Gagesch (CTO): head of B2B software departments for > 10 years
  • world-class advisors:
    • Ismail Malik: one of the most influential people in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space
    • Daciana Sarbu: Member of the European Parliament
    • Dr. Wolfram Remlinger: Audi AG R&D
  • supported by the European Parliament:


  • Data privacy violation is a very present topic and is gaining more and more attention especially since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union will come into force by May 25th 2018. That is why having the backing of a european parliament is very important.
  • They already have an existing product and experience and partnership with several Fortune 500 (means biggest companies) in the world, which makes it very easy for them to push this new concept to them. 


  • Strong competition in this field, not the first time we see this idea in crypto space
  • Android app released Sep 2017 with less than 500 downloads, will it catch on with their 2.0 version also to the main public, not only to big businesses?


In conclusion, this is a very strong team, both management and advisors make sense and give us a complete package in terms of management. However, they do lack a big partnership in terms of marketing, which they are currently now trying to solve. Since they already have a working product and just are trying to built on top of an existing business, it is so much easier to reach their projected goals. Being such a big player already in the market and having dealt with and having partnerships with big brands like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Intel, P&G,…

We are pretty confident they will be successful with developing an even better product (opiria 2.0) with the collected funds and deliver on their plans.

Flipping potential

For flipping, we’re very bullish, since bonus is only vested for 1 month period, you can easily make a profitable flip during first exchange listing.

Long term potential

The potential is very high, as they are prepared with several high quality law firms to abide to the new privacy regulations in Europe and backed by european parliament members to make sure everything is legal. Their product is very straightforward, and there is a simple need for good quality and filtered data which is considered the new oil of the 21th century. The business in big data is booming, and one of the largest and most important one in the upcoming decade. Statistics have proven also that more companies allocate more funds now towards big data companies, and they are very much equipped and ready to be a key player in this industry, as using blockchain to keep immutable personal data makes all the sense in the world.

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