Neo Asia-Pacific Tour on March 16 in Seoul

//Neo Asia-Pacific Tour on March 16 in Seoul

Neo Asia-Pacific Tour on March 16 in Seoul

Hi guys,

here is a short coverage about the NEO Asia-Pacific Tour on March 16 in Seoul

18:20-18:35   LI Yiling, Founder of Trinity

Talked about the ongoing process of Trinity. Announced that the Trinity Foundation will release new NEP(wallet standard that allows the wallet files to be shared between the various implementations of NEO.) standards supporting NFT(Non Fungible Token). with the development of the Neo ecosystem, especially the development of blockchain-based games and applications in the supply chain industry, there is an urgent need for an NEP standard that supports NFT for Neo.

18:35-18:50   Saswata Basu, Founder of 0chain

Said that they are excited to help needs of NEO with a fast, free, and flexible computing and storage platform. With 0chain, dApps can create their own blockchain, achieve decentralized computing, record micro-transactions with fast finality, and have a fast guaranteed storage capability. Best of all, it’s totally free. Unlike traditional cost model, dApps hold tokens for free compute and storage. So, cost becomes an asset. 0chain plans to release their testnet Q2 2018 and mainnet towards Q4 2018.

18:50-19:20   DA Hongfei, Founder of NEO

“ Building a compliance ready blockchain – the history, today and future of NEO”

Talked about the History, Vision of NEO.

NEO has won “A:Excellent” on Weiss Ratings while even Bitcoin has won “C:Fair” on it.

Now NEO has a very strong community because when NEO didn’t have any of device or endorsement, NEO had to rely on its community to be recognized.

Our goal is to make NEO the No. 1 blockchain by 2020, and to become the go-to platform to build dApps on by providing advanced performance, diversified ecosystem, and compliance solutionos.

Centralized exchanges will die because of security, regulation and cost.

The next killer app will be decentralized exchange will be perfect for the future.

NEO has all ingredients to be the best app in the future (High TPS, Finality, Interoperability, Digital identity, stable coin dApps). By 2020 NEO will handle 100,000 TPS without sharding.

NEO is strong in three dimensions of competition – tech / ecosystem / governance&compliance – in the future.

The importance of compliance – it eliminates regulatory uncertainty / reduces frauds, Ponzi schemes, manipulations, hacks / brings mainstream financial institutions onboard/makes doing real business on-chain possible.

dBFT – delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance

emphasized on the importance of dBFT and compliance / Governance : Decentralization

ecosystem of NEO has supporting projects – cornerstone investment / technical support, marketing support

NEO has reserved Tokens : 50% = 50,000,000 NEO

Team incentive : 10%

Community incentive : 10%

Eco-investment : 15%

Flexible : 15%


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