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Nebulas ICO Review

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Nebulas are building the search engine for blockchain. Basically they are setting themselves up to potentially becoming the Google of the new decentralised internet.

  • Whitepaper:
  • Hard cap: US$ 60 million
  • Total possible tokens: 100,000,000​ ​NAS
  • Token distribution:
    • Community reserved: 35 %
    • Pre-sale and public sale: 30 %
    • Team and advisors: 20 %
    • Initial funding sale: 10 %
    • Nebulas foundation:  5 %

Token distribution

Aside from a small amount sold to core supporters in June 2017, tokens will be distributed through a pre-sale in mid December. There will not a be a public token sale after the pre-sale!

Participation is limited to accredited investors who have to complete standard KYC & AML procedures and non-U.S. residents only.

If the full number of NAS tokens aren’t sold in the presale, the remainder sum will be frozen, for 3 years.

Token distribution timeline

NAS Tokens will be issued when pre-sale complete by the end of December.


  • June 2017
    Nebulas was founded
  • June 28th 2017
    8,000ETH was raised for 5% tokens
  • End of December 2017
    NAS Tokens will be issued, when pre-sale complete by the end of December.
  • Late December 2017
    Nebulas Testnet will be released
  • Late Q1 2018
    Nebulas Mainnet will be released
  • Early January, 2018 – To be announced
    Listing of NAS token on exchanges

Product stage

The company already launched their testnet according to the schedule. Something that is unusual among ICO’s at a stage as early as this.

You can try a working demo of their NR (Nebulas Rank) sorting algorithm, similar in concept to the PageRank algorithm that was the cornerstone of Google Search.

Product Demo:

Token usage

NAS is the native (utility) token of Nebulas, viable for payment of transaction fees and computing service charge.


This ICO is founded by a super team. Founder Hitters Yu was the founder of Antshares (NEO), the founding director of Alibaba’s Blockchain Platform (through Ant Financial), and ex-Googler in Search & Anti-Fraud team.

All the other current employees former google members. 5 star team.


  • This ICO has the chance to become the google of a decentralized cryptoworld
  • Hard Cap is set at USD $60Million. Fixed. No Adjustments. 1 NAS = USD$2. This is a low hard cap for a project of this magnitude. Tokens can quickly multiply in value when they reach global exchanges.
  • ICO participation is restricted to registered investors only in a presale. There will not be a public token sale. Instead, any unsold tokens will be frozen for 3 years. 
  • The team is very solid and experienced, and several of them have been involved with building the Google search engine. If anybody can pull of a search engine for the blockchain, it should be these guys.


  • There might be other players who will try to build search engines for the blockchain, including Google or other parties entirely. It could however just as well be that Nebulas will be acquired by one of the big players.


In conclusion, this is one of the most exciting ICO’s we’ve seen this fall. This has all the requirements needed to become a very big business.

Flipping potential

For flipping, we’re very bullish on this ICO. Tokens will be distributed right after the presale, and listing on,,,, and more is confirmed to be in early January. Big exchanges should follow shortly after that.

Since the hard cap is only $60m, and it’s hard to get allowance in the presale, there is a very good chance of this token increasing in value when it hits exchanges.

Long term potential

the potential is crazy, this is one of the projects that is very needed in this cryptospace, it could well be the Google for D’apps or smart projects


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