Merculet ICO Review

//Merculet ICO Review

Merculet ICO Review

Merculet ICO Review

by CoinRunners.VIP


Merculet is created to lead the transformation of turning the information-based internet into the value-based internet. Merculet uses blockchain technology to convert attention into token so that individual user’s value can be recognized precisely. Users pay attention, corporates assess the value of users’ attention, convert it to a part of corporate’s value chain and then reward the users accordingly.

The team is well-rounded overall, with significant amount of background experience from within big name tech companies (SAP, HP, Dell etc).

The project is backed by some successful VC firms and their advisory board includes some of blockchain industry’s best known strategic partners:

– Bo Shen from Fenbushi Capital (with Vitalik Butterin)

– Roger Lim from NEO Global Capital

Through their partnerships, Merculet has the potential to reach 4 to 5 hundreds of million consumers for their ecosystems user adoption:

– ELEX: 50M+ users (mobile gaming industry)

– Magic Window: 400M+ users (App growth solutions)

– Solo Ads: 600M+ global users (digital advertising)

If Merculet achieves their objective, they will be able to give life to a complete scaling marketplace, which retains user attention in a convenient manner. However, to build the user attention, it is important to focus on delivering hands on user experience, instead of relying on the big companies in social media such as Snapchat and Facebook.

  • Website:
  • Token symbol: MVP
  • Token type: ERC20 (Ethereum platform)
  • Non-tech whitepaper:
  • Whitepaper:
  • Hard cap: 37000 ETH
  • Total possible tokens: 10,000,000,000 MVP
  • Token price: 1 ETH = 70,000 MVP
  • Token distribution:
    • Community reserved: 30%
    • Private sale: 21000 ETH (already sold out)
    • Public sale: 16000 ETH

Token distribution

Foundation: 35%

Token Contribution: 30%

Marketing: 15%

Team & Advisors: 20%

Token distribution timeline

Main Sale Period: May 4, 2018, 8am CST – May 9, 2018, 8am CST

tokens will be distributed 6 weeks after main sale completes


Vesting Period: 5 months (20% token released per month, starting from token release)



  • 2018
  • Q1:
  • Perfect User Attention Based Growth Methodology;
  • Design of Attention Value Network (AVN) System and Verification of POC;
  • Q2:
  • MVP Token onboard;
  • Release AVN system β1 (including UAV system 1.0 & UAT system 1.0) & Application Market β1;
  • Content Open Platform Product Design;
  • At least one of the partners is onboard (ELEX), and finish testing for 15+ partners;
  • Q3:
  • Release AVN system β2, Attention Purse β1 , UAT Application Market Version 1.1 & Open Content Platform β1;
  • Q4:
  • Release Attention Purse β2 & Open Content Platform β2;
  • Support the exchange of between UATs;
  • AVN (User Attention Value Network) 1.0 onboard.


  • 2019
  • Q1:
  • Content localization & internationalization;
  • Localization of product features;
  • To enrich MVP’s commercial applications and distribution scenarios (including offline);
  • Q2:
  • Open Content Platform:
  • Consensus mechanism of application layer(R+POS), Reputation system, Community courts & Micro-tasking system onboard;
  • Underlying technology upgrade;
  • Q3:
  • Underlying technology upgrade
  • Q4:
  • Native Token & Smart Contract Early Support
  • “De-Merculet-lization” of all aspects of the ecosystem and advancement of health development for the community without Merculet participation;

Product stage

Merculet is going to have a close working relationship with MagicWindow, a company based in China specialized in user growth, scaling and retention.

It should also be noted that the majority of the key members of the Merculet team are also in executive positions in MagicWindow. Merculet also has strategic partnerships with Solo Ads, and ELEX.

Token usage

The native cornerstone currency of Merculet is MVP and secondary ecosystem only tokens are known as UATs or User Attention Tokens.

– Businesses use MVP to pay for user attention by purchasing User Attention Tokens

– Businesses use MVP to purchase value-added services

– Users are reward UATs for their attention

– Users spend or trade UATs for goods and services

– User exchange UATs for MVP

Users will create, view and curate content, use DApps, exchange data on the Merculet open content platform that will record this information onto the blockchain. The attention each user provides will be measured scientifically assigned a value available to businesses for a fee. Merculet will also offer value-added services for a fee that enable businesses to better analyze their data and methods.

The business will then use MVP to create custom User Attention Tokens (different for each business/project/etc). This is how attention is purchased in the ecosystem.

These UAT tokens can only be used or traded in the Merculet ecosystem (like casino chips or Chuck E. Cheese tokens) and will be used as rewards from businesses to users for their attention. Users can then exchange these UAT tokens for other UATs are for MVP tokens.

It’s likely that businesses will allow users to purchase goods and services or receive awards with UAT tokens.


Ivan Jiang, CEO

Founder, Magic Window (Enterprise App Growth Engine)

VP, AdMaster Inc. (Digital Marketing)

Principal Engineer, SAP

Software Engineer, HP


Shenjun Zhang, CTO

CTO & Co-Founder, Magic Window (Enterprise App Growth Engine)

Associative Principal Engineer, Dell EMC

Engineering Director, Admaster (Digital Marketing)

Senior Software Engineer, SAP

Senior Software Engineer, Nurun (design and technology consultancy)

Software Engineer, Hewlett-Packard


Jerry Gao, CPO

Chief Product Officer, Magic Window (Enterprise App Growth Engine)

Senior Product Manager, Admaster (Digital Marketing)

UI/UX/Product Manager, Tianyi Video Media Co., Ltd.

Senior Consultant & Engineer, China Telecom


Kevin (Xiang-Bin) Wu, Chief Architect

Chief Architect, Magic Window (Enterprise App Growth Engine)

Solutions Architect, Philips

Software Designer, HP


Tony Shen, Head of Mobile Dev

Head of Mobile Development, Magic Window (Enterprise App Growth Engine)

Software Engineer, JD (China’s largest online direct sales company)

Senior Software Engineer, Gewara (Chinese domestic life network platform)


Shou Cheng Zhang  

Professor at Stanford University

Founding chairman of DanHua Capital

American Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Shen Bo  

Founder of Fenbushi Capital

Founder of BitShares


Roger Lim  

Founding Partner of NEO Global Capital


Bin Sen Tang  

Founder of ELEX

Business elites under 40 by Global Entrepreneur


Yue Feng Qiu  

Partner of Roots Capital


Iris Yin  

Founding Partner of Super Hash Capital


Shou Cheng Zhang

The founding chairman of the DanHua Capital investment group that has a solid track record of investments. Mr. Zhang is a professor at Stanford University and a serious genius when it comes to quantum physics.

Shen Bo

Founder of Fenbushi Capital and BitShares. FenBushi Capital has a three person team including Vitalik Buterin.

Roger Lim

Experienced angel and blockchain investor, and founding partner of the NEO Global Capital Group, a strategic partner to Merculet.


The Merculet partner list includes some of the following firms:

– ELEX, a firm specializes in oversea video game releases for years

– Newborntown, which has many years of experience in oversea internet

– Zhuishushenqi (and other apps) that have tremendous user base both domestically and internationally (approximately four to five hundreds of million users)

– Solo Ads

– Toop

– Magic Window


  • The team is solid and has good backing of strong advisor capital groups.
  • The private sale is already over and reached 21000 ETH, means they do not need your money anymore to run the project, everything that is being sold now is purely for marketing purposes and to grow awareness for the project.
  • You get a chance to enter the Main sale without hassle, no need to rush or whitelist or go through any KYC and still a decent price for your investment.


  • The project has not released alpha/proof-of-concept, therefore, it is essentially a white paper project.
  • The key team members are all working at Magic Windows. It is unclear how they will allocate their time between the two ventures.


In conclusion, this is a last minute opportunity to invest in this project because they already reached their marketcap of 21000 ETH during their private sale:

So now we only have the Main Sale and the only reason why they have given us any allocation is because they really want to have us onboard on their promotion team 🙂

having also very strong connections with Fenbushi Capital and NEO capital, it only gives us very positive signals they will be doing well in this space.

Flipping potential

For flipping, we’re very bearish, all tokens are vested and only distributed 20% per month, so that means there is no flipping potential here.

Long term potential

The potential is good, since we already are sure they have all the capital they need by reaching their private sale cap already, there is very little roadblocks ahead and it is very unlikely you will lose anything on this ICO, even with 5 months of vesting period which is nothing for longterm potential, this project should give us a good ROI. Their team is very professional and is backed by the strongest partners in the industry.

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    Merculet has released it’s Demo (Alpha) on 4/22/18. Please refer to the following link:α-69a08e1fa15d

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