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Martin El-Kher
Martin El-KherCEO, Co-Owner
Serial entrepreneur with 3 companies behind him including market leading health portal Mylooks.
Graduate of the Copenhagen Business School, Martin worked worked as an accountant in the biggest Accounting company in the world, Deloitte.
He is also formerly one of Denmark’s most winning professional poker players and chess champion. Martins interests include astro-physics, meditation, mindfulness, fitness and chess. Martin is also the Top trader on Trading View. Profile – D4rkenergy
Tamir Khur
Tamir KhurCOO, Co-owner
With a Master degree in Industrial Engineering, Tamir has spent more than 15 years in Management Consulting with some of the biggest firms in Europe such as PWC, PA Consulting Group, Coca Cola, Maersk Sealand and many others. Recently he helped found and build, the fastest growing Accounting firm in Denmark.
Lisa N Edwards
Lisa N Edwards CMO, Co-Owner
20+ Years Experience in Marketing & Media, with proven results via her various media companies. Serial entrepreneur with a background in Business Development. Corporate Marketing. Production of Business Proposals (Project Specific).
Marketing Research. Managing Suppliers & Clients.
When not doing all that Lisa is an award winning screenwriter, actress and published author.
She is an early Cryptocurrency Adopter & Top Trader on Trading View. Profile – LNE

Our Valuable Team Members

DK Kim
DK KimHead of Business Development
Dk, who is in charge of the whole operation management in Coinrunners, always try his best to share the joy while the market is bullish, and become reliable and the best advisor while the market is bearish and Coinrunners members the best help they can get.
Fox Park
Fox ParkHead of Analyst Team
Fox is in charge of the analysis team in Coinrunners. For Coinrunners, he always find the most efficient and effective way to solve the problems that Coinrunners face, and try every possible means to do so for the goods of our members.
BMO LimBusiness Development
Served the South Korean military in the position of a captain for 7 years, BMO is now in charge of the team-management and the general operations in Coinrunners. His experience from the army helped him a lot while leading team members to show the best possible performance.
Jun Lee
Jun LeeOperation Management
To deliver true value for Coinrunners family members, Jun’s role is to support all the events held by Coinrunenrs and the general operation management. He is and will contribute himself to build a strong infrastructure that will hold anything we do for the maximization of values Coinrunners can produce for the members. He is the real BULL.
Stube Kim
Stube KimVOD Creator
Stube, who is in charge of producing different kinds of VOD contents for Coinrunners members, has been involved in video and photo-shooting industry for more than 7 years. Stube records VODs from all the events and conferences held by Coinrunners, and also provide members with educational videos from experts in the field with the best quality. Not only that, he also received certificate from the Institute of Science-gifted Education in Seoul National University, and has abundant award winning career in design contests.
Joan Wang
Joan WangAnalyst Team
Born in South Korea, raised in Dalian, China, and educated in a Canadian international School, Joan is fluent in all three languages, Korean, Chinese, and English. He helps connect crypto companies from all over the world with Coinrunners and contributes for the best partnerships and consortium for Coinrunners.
Vienne Park
Vienne ParkAnalyst Team
From the experience of being a communication mediator between buyers from North America, South-east Aisa, and Europe in the field of Fashion and Electronics, Vienne enables the smooth communication and understandings between market experts in Coinrunners and Coinrunners members.
Hyeonjin Kang
Hyeonjin KangSNS Channel Management
Coinrunners has different SNS channels to communicate with the members, and Hyeonjin is in charge of managing and maintaining the channels to build the best ecosystem for Coinrunners. The channels she manages are always opened and available for the members’ convenience.