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DAV Network ICO Review

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DAV is an open source software platform that allows anyone to buy or sell autonomous transportation services in a decentralized market. DAV integrates into any autonomous vehicle (car, drone, ship), enabling those vehicles to discover, communicate, and transact with one another using a digital currency called the DAV token.

DAV wants to create a massive open-source hub network for self-driving vehicles to discover, communicate and transact with one another.

It’s the type of project that could truly benefit from blockchain technology, however, there are a couple of external factors that must be considered before investing. Third parties plays a big part in DAV’s ability to succeed due to the slow growth & adoption of the autonomous vehicle industry. Should the autonomous industry take off, chances are high that this project will see huge gains in terms of token value.

DAV wants to benefit the world of autonomous vehicles. Through DAV, cars, drones, ships, and more will all connect with one another in an open-source p2p network. This technology would forever change the transportation industry and how we travel. Instead of owning a vehicle, users will be able to rent them on a case-by-case basis which reduces travel expenses, and results in time and money saved for customers overall.

The DAV network would give consumers access to all autonomous self-driving vehicles via their hub; ships, land vehicles, aircraft, drones, and more. On the other side, owners of these vehicles could rent them out to the hub rather than to individual consumers. The blockchain would allow a secure decentralized network with transparency and monetization. It would be open-source, ensuring community development via the provided SDK’s.

Website: https://dav.network

  • Token symbol: DAV
  • Token type: ERC20 (Ethereum platform)
  • Whitepaper: https://dav.network/whitepaper.pdf
  • Hard cap: 38,000,000 USD
  • Total possible tokens: 2,480,000,000
  • Token distribution:
    • Pre-sale and public sale: 40%
    • Sold in pre-sale: 14,000,000 USD
    • Bounties and partnerships: 25%
    • Long-term budget: 20%
    • Team and advisors: 15%
    • Team vesting: 15 months with linear quarterly cliffs

Token distribution

ICO Token Price: 1 DAV = 0.0527 USD (0.00010 ETH)

Fundraising Goal: 40,100,000 USD (76,000 ETH)

Token distribution timeline

The crowdsale is expected to run from Apr 30 until May 13, 2018. Tokens will be issued 14 days after the crowdsale ends.



  • Q1: DAV founded
  • Q2: Whitepaper released
  • Q3:
    • First Github code published
    • Drone delivery app released
  • Q4:
    • Simulated drones environment
    • Community site released
    • Community hackaton
    • Granted non-profit status in Switzerland
    • First DAV smart contract deployed
    • DAV CLI and Testnet live
    • Developer portal launch
    • 100 contributors on Github


  • Q1:
    • Autonomous boat send first selfie
    • Testnet block explorer
    • First autonomous drone delivery completed
  • Q2:
    • Network launch
    • Drone flight planning service launch
    • Drone charging service launch
    • Token sale
    • First autonomous vehicle charging completed
  • Q3:
    • First autonomous boat mission completed
  • Q4:
    • Decentralised discovery, decentralised communication
    • Decentralised non-autonomous ride-hailing network release


  • Q1: First vehicle to hire another vehicle to complete a delivery
  • Q2: Decentralised non-autonomous delivery network released
  • Q3: Long range drone flight supported by a network of charging stations


Product stage

Github Activity

  • Repositories: 15
  • Contributors: 57
  • Commits: 438
  • Last commit (as of Apr 15): Apr 13, 2018
  • Forks: 417
  • Watches: 401
  • Issues: 30
  • Stars: 401

Token usage

DAV Coin will be a utility token, used to pay for services or reward for providing a service. Users can earn DAV by renting out their autonomous vehicle, a charger or docking bay for the device, or by providing support like insurance or repairs to the device. Otherwise, users spend DAV to rent the vehicles for transportation.

When asked why they need a token, the  team replies:

“DAV tokens are essential for a truly decentralized transportation marketplace. The tokens are transferred using smart mission contracts. These contracts are automatically enforced, so the correct number of tokens is paid to the vehicle owner, to the service provider, and to the insurer, at the right time, with an agreed upon process to handle potential disputes.

Economically the DAV token is needed for users to participate in the DAV platform. Early AV owners and service providers using DAV will benefit from historically low barriers to market entry (enabled by the DAV platform), along with operational optimization. As AV transportation matures and grows, so will the utility of the token and the broader adoption of use cases.”

Eventually, the team imagines that users may not always be human. Instead, smart machines would rent the vehicles themselves to finish jobs.



The team behind DAV is fully packed with 16+ software developers bringing diverse skills from previous work experience with:

  • cryptocurrency
  • mobile and web apps
  • encryption
  • autonomous vehicles
  • artificial intelligence
  • big data
  • machine learning
  • and more

The CEO and founder behind the project is Noam Copel, strategist and investor. He has strong experience in blockchain technologies and is a self proclaimed aviation enthusiast. Noam created the world’s first smartphone encryption system and has previously founded other companies but DAV appears to be his most ambitious project.

In general, the team looks completely gathered and very strong.


DAV has 8 advisors, former or current top specialists coming from places like:

  • NASA
  • Ethereum
  • SAP
  • UPS
  • General Motors
  • IBM
  • Cisco
  • Bancor
  • Equinix


DAV is a platform that not only seems to have a good grasp of business and a novel idea, but it also has manpower from companies like Google and NASA backing it. The list is much more than solid.

They have established The DAV Alliance as a coalition of enterprises, innovators, and leaders in the transportation industry.

While DAV has not signed agreements yet with IBM, General Motors, UPS or SAP at this time, they confirm to be in talks with organizations at that level. For confidentiality reasons, they can’t reveal who they are in talks with, however, they expect to announce it soon.

DAV CEO has recently shown CoinRunners staff an email from one of Asia’s biggest tech conglomerates asking for a partnership.


Investors will grow the network’s infrastructure, and in return, will earn back their investment by supporting autonomous vehicles as a whole. Third-party investors can also earn by providing services to the network, especially ones that help counter any risks with autonomous vehicles. Essentially, to support DAV is to support the autonomous vehicle industry.


Laws and regulations are in the early stages and a world of autonomous vehicles are still a long way off. The success or failure of DAV relies entirely on the public’s acceptance of autonomous vehicles, but DAV is one of the only ICO’s targeting this industry.

The company will need to form corporate partnerships and other sources of revenue, as costs over the next few years should be expected to grow past their ICO funding goal. That said, businesses like Uber, Google’s Waymo, Tesla, FedEx, and other transportation services could benefit greatly from the success of DAV coin, so it may be in their best interest to invest.


Overall, DAV is a bold project with the ability to provide real innovation in the world of self-driving vehicles. They have a strong team with lots of experience and they can help push people towards their vision of the future.

DAV will need a lot of support to get their project along, however, if they can convince third parties to invest, they have a shot at revolutionizing vehicles and the transport industry as we know it.

We consider DAV to be a long-term investment. Although a flip and profit taking is always recommended, investors should not go into DAV network expecting a quick return.

Flipping potential

DAV is a project that has no vesting of your very big bonus, so the risk to flip it a lower price then the ICO price is quite low, however, we do not consider this project as a very good flipping ICO, as their projection and roadmap is really for longterm holders.

Long term potential

The potential is very high, because this is something that could disrupt the full automated and transport industry, with very strong advisors from like NASA they have the full backing of very top ranked scientific people that believe in this project and it could very well become a standard protocol in the future. This however could take a very long time to come to fruition, but with the amount of bonus tokens and great partnerships we still think this will be a profitable long term project at a very low risk/reward ratio.

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