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//DAOstack ICO Review

DAOstack ICO Review

DAOstack ICO Review

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DAOstack is an operating system for a new form of web organization: the DAO.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations have captured the imagination of the best minds in the blockchain space, but despite their promise have yet remained an abstract idea. One key point of failure is the lack of solid framework for decentralized blockchain governance.

DAOstack provides a general stack for collective value management on the blockchain, including a friendly JavaScript developer environment and an intuitive user interface. Just as HTTP allows the creation and interoperability of web sites and web applications, the DAO stack enables the creation and interoperability of web companies, collaboration apps and DAOs, as well as the alignment of their interests. The result is a new web of open collaboration, in which collectives can self-organize around shared goals and values, not limited by pure economic growth. We believe this to be a critical step in the evolution of society toward a more cooperative and sustainable future.  Imagine thousands of people spontaneously joining forces to work together —akin to Linux and Wikipedia, but in a decentralized way and with a viable business model for open-source collaboration. Imagine Internet-scale curation networks superseding existing platforms like articles on Reddit or videos on YouTube, restaurants on Yelp or hotels on TripAdvisor, websites on Google, or investment opportunities on AngelList. The value created in the new networks is shared between curators, which are thus incentivized to participate. Imagine peer insurance networks and collective investment funds replacing the corresponding corporate models. All of the above requires the same missing element in order to operate: a distributed and trustworthy governance system. DAOstack provides that element, based on the blockchain technology, applied first toward open-source collaboration to further build DAOstack itself.

Website: https://daostack.io/

  • Token symbol: GEN
  • Token type: ERC20 (Ethereum platform)
  • Executive Summary: https://daostack.io/summary/DAOstack-Executive-Summary-en.pdf
  • Whitepaper: https://daostack.io/wp/DAOstack-White-Paper-en.pdf
  • Hard cap:  30,000,000 USD
  • Total possible tokens: 100,000,000 GEN
  • Token distribution:
    • Sold in TGE: 40,000,000 GEN (40%)
    • Team tokens: 10,000,000 GEN (10%)
    • Future contributors (company reserve: 10,000,000 GEN (10%)
    • Managed by the Genesis DAO: 40,000,000 GEN (40%)

Token distribution

  • 20m GEN to the DAOstack company (in Gibraltar) – 10m from that for founders, advisors, vested for 3 years & 10m from that reserved for future contributors
  • 40m GEN for initial sales (Private+Presale+Public sale)
  • 40m GEN reserved for future contributors (and possibly future sales) as managed by the DAOstack Genesis DAO via it’s own platform.
  • Price per token: $0.9 (ETH pegged to USD at point of sale)
  • April 24 is Public Sale date, BONUS is vested for 3 months

Token distribution timeline

After public sale is concluded in May.


Product stage

Live demo product is already available.

Token usage

The DAOstack platforms native GEN tokens will be distributed to contributors of value through the framework, incentivizing development, promotion and adoption. They are being implemented in a thorough manner which basically makes them a necessity for anyone who will want to become part of the ecosystem. Basic operations across the ecosystem (such as promoting proposals) requires spending or holding GEN tokens.  

Their direct connection with the entire ecosystem will ensure that they appreciate in value as the ecosystem grows with time. The Arc.js gateway makes the tokens relevant for people who are not a direct part of the ecosystem since it allows front-end developers to create DApps and then integrate them with DAOstack.

The token model is promising as the GEN tokens value appreciation is assured thanks to the staking mechanism used in starting a DAO and in the proposal voting process.

The tokens will also be used as a currency in the module marketplace and the currency in which the ecosystem accepts fees. Anyone wishing to create a DAO through the Arc framework will need to stake GEN tokens, spend tokens on governance modules that they will need for their organization and then have it registered on Mosaic. Promoting requests and services on the Hive will require tokens as well.

The GEN tokens also play a role in the decision-making process; in order to boost proposals in the waiting queue, agents will need to stake tokens, multiple parties will be able to stake tokens on the same proposal to increase its rank faster.


  • 9 members
  • Decent experience in software and business development.
  • 3 team members has experience with blockchain technology.

Matan Field, CEO, Co-Founder

  • Co-Founder and CEO, Backfeed (grassroots-powered blockchain ecosystem)
  • Co-Founder, La’Zooz (collaborative transportation using cryptocurrency)
  • Worked on blockchain technology since 2014
  • Renowned expert in decentralized governance
  • Ph.D. in physics (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Adam Levi, CTO, Co-Founder

  • Radar engineer, IDF – Israel Defence Forces
  • Ph.D. in Physics (Technion – Israel Institute of Technology)

Yehonatan Goldman, COO

  • Management Team, La’Zooz (collaborative transportation using cryptocurrency)

Nave Rachman, Head of APAC Operations

  • Co-Founder, SoftGate (selling Israeli software in the Chinese market)
  • Web Intelligence Consultant, GO-Int (intelligence research and analysis)
  • Pre-sales Applications Manager, Stratasys, APJ, Stratasys
  • Security and System Control, Intel Corporation
  • Bachelor in East Asian Studies, Haifa University

Oren Sokolowsky, Lead Developer

  • Co-Founder, La’Zooz (collaborative transportation using cryptocurrency)
  • R&D Manager, Sparkup Ltd. (embedded IOT products)
  • Embedded SW Team Leader, VeriFone

Primavera De Filippi, Alchemy

  • Research Fellow for Internet & Society, Harvard University
  • Researcher, CNRS (The National Center for Scientific Research, France)
  • Assistant Professor, Universit Panthéon-Assas (Paris)
  • French & Italian Correspondent, Caselex S.a.r.l. (IP law and ICT law)
  • Visiting Research Scholar, UC Berkeley

Shira Smilanski, Administration

  • Chief of Training, IDC (Intel development center, Israel)

Josh Zemel, Communication and Marketing

  • Co-Founder, ClientStream (viral business growth)
  • VP, IMM (digital marketing agency, 7 yrs)
  • Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant, Markell Zemel LLC
  • President & Creative Director, Photogenesis Image & Design, LLC

Roberto Klein, Legal & Regulatory

  • VP Products & Business Development, BSP Biological Signal Processing Ltd.
  • Analyst/Consultant, The Dovrat Investment Group (Currently Viola)
  • Electro-Optic Engineer, RedC Optical Networks
  • Angel Investor in various Fintech sector companies


Jordan Greenhall

  • Co-founder and former CEO of DivX
  • Co-Founder & CEO, Neurohacker Collective
  • Chief Ratiocinator & Angel Investor, Backfeed (blockchain ecosystem)
  • Co-Founder, Swell, Inc. ( e-commerce company)
  • Co-Founder, Game B (collective intelligence)


  • Gnosis
  • Sapien
  • Menlo
  • Endor
  • Cultu.re


  • In terms of competition, Aragon is the only project out there that can be compared with the DAOstack, Aragon is making use of blockchain technology to make DAOs possible, however, there are a handful of fundamental differences that set DAOstack and Aragon apart by quite a margin.

  • Looking the team and partners it, all the big crypto companies are in this, for example one of our favorites Endor.


  • The project does not have its own blockchain, instead it shall create DAOs on the Ethereum blockchain since Ethereum is a popular public blockchain, it can come under load and as a result, the DAOstack’s performance can be affected as well. However, that shall improve with time as Ethereum works on fixing their scalability issues

  • Real world companies may not be interested in adopting the DAO framework and prefer a more centralized approach/ Not even traction in the real world for a while


In conclusion DAOstack is a very real world project which we really need, along with a working product and great team spearheading this project I think this is going to be far better than Aragon (which did a 8.5x at peak).

Currently every crypto influencer is scoring this ICO S-Grade (maximum rating) or 97%, which means the hype is crazy.

Flipping potential

For flipping, we’re very bullish. The biggest ICO influencers have rated this ICO at the very max of their scales. Only the bonus is vested, so you could for example chose to sell at the time of exchange listing and hold bonus tokens long term.

Long term potential

the potential is very high, if this DAOstacks becomes the WordPress of blockchain, then we are looking at an easy billion dollars market, whilst their hardcap is only $30m.

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