Don’t panic. HODL tight. The moon rocket will take off again.

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Hi guys. A lot of people have asked us to give an update after yesterday's dramatic Bitcoin drop. If you're holding Bitcoin or other coins, you might be nervous at this point. Maybe even panicking. But I'm happy to say that you can be completely calm. Take it easy. Don't sell anything. What is going on? [...]

Christmas Dump

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Hi guys! What a morning, huh?? Everything is going down, red candles everywhere. Let's go over the situation together... What's going on? Well, what's happening right now is the correction that BTC has been needing for a while now. BTC has had an insane bull run, going parabolic like no other asset ever in history. This [...]

Bitcoin reached $14,000 – What’s going on?

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Hi everyone! We thought we'd just give you our thoughts on the situation after this morning, when BTC has now reached new and incredible heights. As many of you know, we have been expecting a correction for a long time, as has all experts we know or follow. Both in the coin world and the old [...]

Basic alt-coin movements

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Hi guys, Here is a short introduction for beginners who just started trading alt-coins, as you know there are currently over 1000 different coins being traded all around the world, we call them ALTS.  Most of them are available on bittrex or poloniex the biggest alt coins exchanges in the world and they are usually paired [...]